Skill Development

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Skill Development

Ramky Foundation facilitates or catalyzes skill development initiatives that can potentially have a multiplier effect. In doing so, it strives to involve the various other stakeholders in all aspects of skill development.

Our approach is to develop skills among women, youth, farmers, workers /labors of various industries and youth whilst partnerships with multiple stakeholders and build long-term associations. To scale up efforts necessary to achieve the objective of skilling / up-skilling people, the RF strives to:

  • Develop low cost, high-quality training with innovative business models
  • Attract significant linkages which enable the long-term development 


  • 3E: Employment-Employability-Entrepreneurship
  • To generate employment opportunities for weaker sections of society by providing them with skill-based training
  • To enhance the skills of farmers, workers /labors of various sectors, etc. to increase the productivity.
  • To connect the trained beneficiaries to capital and job markets for their sustainable livelihoods.
  • Enhanced Skill Development programs & follow-up training to impart the skills required for the advanced level of activities