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It is absolutely important for an individual to be educated as it gives him/her more than just a livelihood. Education gives him/her self-confidence and an identity of one's own. However, it is a very common feature in a developing nation to see a boy or a girl dropping out of his/her school as his/her parents are unable to extend financial support. Therefore, the child too like his/her parents get crushed under the wheels of never ending poverty and misery. For this reason, the thrust area of education is very close to our heart and receives a lot of attention, which is clearly visible from the fact that a major chunk of our budget is dedicated towards support to education.

Our Major Projects At Present Are:

Most of the girl students in rural areas are denied the opportunity to continue their further studies after the completion of secondary school education, due to various reasons such as unavailability of colleges in nearby areas, parents’ financial affordability and other connected societal factors. These factors are forcing the girls to drop their education. Many of the girls in rural areas are not enjoying the fruitfulness of achieving their goals and dreams though having talent.As per the vision of our beloved Chairman – addressing the needs of such poor and talented students by providing all the required support in the form of a hostel, “Kanakamma Avva Asara” has been initiated in 2009 at Narasaraopet in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The hostel provides boarding facility, food, health care, coaching related to studies, counseling support and other support required for their education development of the girls.In this financial year, 40 girls were accommodated in the hostel. Total of around 550 girl students were benefited from the hostel since its inception and some of them got employment opportunities in various companies /organizations through campus placements.

Ramky Foundation is helping the students of government schools in accessing the quality education by providing necessary inputs required for their education development. The activities under this program are distribution of note books, study..