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Chairman's Message

Sri A.Ayodhya Rami Reddy

"Building a vision-guided and values-driven organization"

I am truly heartened that Ramky Group has created the base for a dynamic future by discovering ways to meet the expectations of stakeholders. We understand that satisfaction of every stakeholder, and imbuing the sense of belongingness in them are prerequisites for sustainable growth. Thus, as an engaging company, we emphasize on culture, values, ethics and beliefs.

Evidently, business organizations have moved towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility, where results are measured not just by input, but by outcomes: the difference that they make to the world, the way they help to narrow down the inequities in the economy, and the contribution to alleviate certain deep rooted social problems in the nation. Corporate Social Responsibility, in Ramky Group, is a focused activity embedded into core business functions. It enables us to explore competencies that boost our operations and helps in the long-term sustainability.

At Ramky, we have created a culture that enables people to realize their personal values and integrate them with the organizational value system, and established an environment wherein personal and organizational performances are mutually reinforcing. Our engaging vision encourages employee commitment and creates value through added partnership with our diverse stakeholders.

I am delighted to note that Ramky Foundation has made significant contribution in Natural Resource Management, Women Empowerment, Healthcare and Education. With a great deal of conviction, the Foundation's activities have indeed enabled us to meet the ethical and discretionary responsibilities of our Group, going beyond the conventional 'Zone of Compliance.'

Started in 2006 with minor service activities, Ramky Foundation today handles major projects covering thousands of marginalized beneficiaries including the Integrated Watershed Management Project, Tribal Development Project, Targeted Interventions (HIV) Programme, etc. Ramky Foundation is poised to become a vital organization in providing value added service and a key stakeholder in development process in India.

I am sure that with Ramky Foundation's gradual expansion in India and abroad, more and more communities would benefit, and very soon it would come to be counted as one of the best organizations in the world.


Managing Trustee's Message

Smt. A.Dakshayani

I have great pleasure in presenting this website, as Ramky Foundation completes six years in service to humanity.

The website accounts for our progression, the exciting journey with successful implementation of activities, fruitful associations, livelihood initiatives and significant learning's.

The past six years saw us successfully test new integrated approaches that reinforce linkages with various government organizations, funding agencies and the Ramky Group. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the many things that have made me proud as Managing Trustee of the Foundation.

Today, our social commitment goes far beyond the philanthropy of the past, and has transformed into an all-encompassing responsibility towards stakeholders. As a not-for-profit partner, we are at the helm of CSR activities for Group companies, especially for Ramky Infrastructure and Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited. We are also working on prestigious projects with several State Governments and other developmental agencies. We view CSR and Sustainability as a continuum and our movement from CSR to Sustainability reflects the ability and commitment to the larger developmental goals. As interdependent systems, CSR and sustainability stress on long-term sustainable development, and distribution of well-being.

Our approach recognizes the importance of People, Planet and Processes. We are proud that, in addition to ongoing focus and effective work in our thrust areas: Environment, Education, Women Empowerment and Healthcare, we have responded to new challenges at local and national levels. When deadly floods devastated South India (Kurnool and Guntur districts, Andhra Pradesh) in October 2009, we initiated joint fund-raising efforts with business lines and employees, mobilising more than Rs. 3.5 million.

Furthermore, our collaborative projects have immensely contributed to enhancing local capacities, eradicating deep-seated social problems and creating sustainable livelihoods. We have made social investments to ensure women's participation, economic empowerment and gender equality. Our goals for the next five years are fundamentally about "sustainable growth" - in terms of increasing number of projects in thrust areas.

To conclude, it is a great pleasure and source of much pride to be actively involved in the activities described here. I hope in reviewing these activities, you will be impressed by the remarkable initiatives being undertaken by our dedicated team that is helping in the creation of stronger, equitable, self-reliant, responsible and contented communities.